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Add style and great views to your interior with the top-hung GHU model. The GHU window comes with a seamless, white polyurethane coating. It’s a great choice for low-pitched roofs under 35°. The GHU, like our GPU model, is waterproof and maintenance-free, and it can be positioned at three preset angles: 5°, 15° and 30°.

Product features:

  • Top-hung and with three preset opening positions at 5°, 15° and 30°, the GHU offers you an unimpeded view and easy access to your roof.
  • Convenient handle at the bottom of the window.
  • The window swivels 180o in its frame for easy and safe cleaning.
  • Mounts for all VELUX blinds, shutters and accessories are included.
  • Dust- and insect-free ventilation – even when the window is closed.
  • High-quality polyurethane finish.
  • The sash and frame are manufactured from one mould, eliminating the unsightly welded corners found in plastic windows.
  • Waterproof and maintenance-free.

Starting from XXX Euro

velux kids

Bottom handle
Comfortable to operate and easy to access.

velux top bar

Ventilation flap
Our unique ventilation flap keeps dust and insects out while letting fresh air in.

velux Unimpeded view
Experience a clear view with the GHU’s three preset opening positions: 5°, 15° and 30°.
clean velux Trouble-free cleaning
The window swivels 180o in its frame for comfortable and safe cleaning of the exterior.

Additional product information:
Exterior aluminium claddings are standard, with zinc and copper available by special order. For a weathertight seal with your roof, see VELUX flashings and VELUX thermo and hydro insulation set BDX.
See VELUX blinds and accessories for sun protection and inspiration.